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Since a Masaai tribesman stumbled upon a shimmering blue crystal in the foothills of Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro in 1967, quality Tanzanite has become one of the most cherished and sought-after gemstones  in the world today.  With its symphony of exquisite royal blue, lilac, and periwinkle hues tanzanite has captured the imagination of the world's most discriminating  buyers, and earned its rightful place next to diamonds as a must-have gemstone. Tanzanite is a gem of unprecedented beauty and brilliance. Top quality AAA Tanzanite gemstones are valuable, rare, and increasingly in demand making Tanzanite gemstones an exceptional investment. Many geologists predict the supply of Tanzanite is likely to last just five to ten more years but it is hard to quantify. It is true the Tanzanite mines have been substantially depleted especially with regard to AAA top quality tanzanite.

In 2010 the Tanzanian Goverment through the Minerals Act of 2010 banned exports of unprocessed tanzanite in a bid to increase the contribution of the gemstone to the Tanzanian economy through local processing. All of our Tanzanite gemstones are conflict free and comply with the Tanzanians 2010 Minerals Act. Tanzanite America's gemstones were expertly faceted in Jaipur, India the main cutting & polishing center for tanzanite in the world. We only supply Tanzanite that has been sourced in an ethical manner. This means that our quality Tanzanite gemstones have been extracted according to the polocies of the Tazanian Government in regards to mining and distribution. Future availability of top quality Tanzanite gemstones is uncertain especially the AAA investment grade Tanzanite. News from Jaipur, India.

Tanzanite America is the North American member of The Tanzanite Authority, a group of like-minded collectors, investors, and who are dedicated to informing and supplying the very finest top quality AAA certified Tanzanite. All of our loose top color Tanzanite gemstones are certified by HKD Laboratories. We are ecologically minded and only supply Tanzanite that has been sourced in an ethical manner. To guarantee quality, we acquire all our Tanzanite Gemstones from one single supplier authorized by the Tanzanian Government. As such, all stones are unconditionally guaranteed to be genuine and are purchased under the Tucson Protocol. We do not acquire Tanzanite from any other source.

For us, top quality Tanzanite is our passion not just a business. We at Tanzanite America are pleased to offer loose investment grade certified AAA faceted Tanzanite for purchase in America - we are located in Vero Beach, Florida, USA. Please feel free to to call if you are considering an investment in rare Tanzanite or simply want to talk about Tanzanite at 772.562.6036. Buy Tanzanite gemstones from us with confidence - we offer a 7 day 100% money back guarantee. No one has a higher quality Tanzanite gemstone than those which we offer. See Terms and Conditions for payment options including buying Tanzanite with Bitcoin.

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